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Does It Snow In Kingman, Arizona?

Yes, it snows a couple times a year. A light snow will fall of around 1 inch in Kingman, but you better be up by noon if you want to see it.

The nice part about living in Kingman is that you can enjoy looking at snow in the mountains, and not have to fight it around town. People like living in Kingman because you don't have to shovel sunshine.

For those moving here, leave your snow shovel behind and sell your snow blower to a friend. Significant snow totals don’t happen all that often. Before 2019 the last significant amount of snow fell on New Year’s Eve in 2014.

2019 Record Breaking
Snow of 15 1/2 Inches

February 21, 2019 into the early morning of February 22, brought an historically high level of approximately 15 inches, slightly plus or minus. The previous significant amount of snow fell on New Year’s Eve in 2014.

It had been quite a while that the Kingman area had seen more than a few inches of snowfall. The all time record before February of 2019 was 14 inches back in 1932.

The snowstorm of February 2019 was a record. Roads were closed in many places around Kingman as well as throughout Mohave County. Highway 93, which takes you to Las Vegas, was closed including Coyote Pass just west of Kingman.

Both directions of Interstate 40 were closed at Stockton Hill Road in Kingman, Arizona. Truckers were lined up all along I-40 waiting for the road to re-open. Hundreds of semi-trucks also entered onto city streets for additional parking, access to motels and restaurants. Kingman is a major stop if your looking for a motel or restaurant.

And The Best Part Is ...
Within about 30 hours after the storm started,
the sun was out and starting to melt the snow away.
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